Dr. Ryan Dorough, DC

Dr. Ryan Dorough is one of the treating physicians at Progressive Health & Rehabilitation. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in human biology from Michigan State University, and then graduated from National University of Health Sciences with a chiropractic physician doctorate.

Dr. Dorough’s post-graduate education includes functional rehabilitation of the spine and TMJ, Kinesio Taping Technique, headache management, and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Ryan strongly believes in natural medicine and his goal is to prevent the use of drugs and surgery for his patients, friends and family. He believes a true integration of medical specialties is most effective in managing conditions such as low back pain, knee pain and peripheral neuropathy.

An integrated setting allows a team of physicians to put together a custom treatment plan by incorporating chiropractic, physical rehab and medical specialties. Our goal here at Progressive is to treat each patient using a whole body approach by addressing their chief complaint and aiding in lifestyle modification.