ACL Knee Brace

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of 4 major ligaments in the knee. It provides stability to the joint and is the most frequently injured, more so in women than in men. When injuring the ACL people will often report hearing a “pop.” Athletes are more predisposed to injuring the ACL, taking into consideration that stops and starts and quick lateral movements are precipitating factors of the injury

Those wishing to protect the ACL from injury or those people who have already injured the tissue may wear ACL braces. An ACL brace will simply provide stability and safeguard against overextending the joint. The braces used here at Progressive Health & Rehabilitation are “unloading braces” which are designed specifically for osteoarthritis of the knee. These osteoarthritis braces do not necessarily provide stability for the ACL but will provide relief for those people suffering from knee arthritis. On occasion we do have patients who suffer from both osteoarthritis of the knee and ACL instability or rupture. In this situation a custom brace can be manufactured that will provide benefit for both conditions.