Knee Clicking

There are many reasons that our knees “click”. Some of these causes are severe and require medical attention although others are not so severe. Our knees support our entire body weight at all times while ambulation and sounds coming from our knees certainly can be alarming.

How do you know if the clicking is a serious problem or not?

The most important associated symptom to knee clicking would be pain. If pain is present there is a potential of a more serious underlying process and a further medical evaluation is needed. Small fractures, torn cartilage, and arthritic disease are examples of some of the possible causes for clicking.

“Pop”, as opposed to clicking, with no associated pain could be change in pressure within the capsule that surrounds the joint much like when we crack our knuckles.

Crunching has more of an ominous association. This noise may be the result of bones grinding against each other and one should be concerned.

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