Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain you are not alone, as many people suffer from neck pain for many reasons. There are a number of triggers that can provoke your neck pain such as, a bulging disc, arthritis of the neck, trauma or an injury, worry and/or stress, improper sleeping positions, and overall poor posture on a daily basis whether sitting, standing, or laying down.

Among these common, everyday causes for neck pain, there is also the pain caused by traumatic events like auto accidents, such as whiplash; natural causes such as scoliosis; and also by osteoporosis. The pain may start with what most people call a “crick” in the neck that may progress into a painful, debilitating condition. If that crick becomes a full fledged pain and it lasts for a long period of time, i.e. a month or two, then it becomes a chronic pain that needs urgent medical attention.

If you have any of the problems we mentioned here, and you have had all of the drugs, therapies and perhaps even the surgeries that were recommended, and you still do not feel good; consider a contacting Progressive Health and Rehabilitation for a No-Cost Consultation and proper diagnosis of your condition.

There is no need to suffer with neck pain for another day.