A New, Non-Surgical Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Reveals A Solution to Get Rid of That Pain in Your Feet and Legs!

There are many types of neuropathy treatments available today but which one is right for you? “It all depends on the cause of the pain. Treatments will vary from patient to patient due to several variables. What makes us different is that we don’t have a one size fits all approach. My staff and I are very thorough about finding the real source of the problem. Then we customize a plan that helps eliminate pain without drugs or surgery. We aren’t limited to one protocol and have several treatment options available” comments Dr. Hui. “If there is one thing I’m passionate about, it’s helping people improve their quality of life. When I see one of my patients tie their shoes for the first time in years without pain, or work a full day without taking prescription pain pills, it makes everything worth it” adds Hui.

Why Progressive Health and Rehabilitation?

We are different because we offer several of the most advanced non-surgical, FDA Cleared procedures for relieving chronic pain. At Progressive Health and Rehabilitation you will find a team of several caring and knowledgeable doctors. Before a diagnosis and treatment protocol is issued, a team of professionals, not just one individual, will review the findings. All options will be discussed and a customized treatment plan will be developed. We offer programs and procedures that will improve your health with the utmost safety and precision.

If you are serious about finding a lasting solution to your chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to call Progressive Health and Rehabilitation for a No-Cost Consultation to see if you are a candidate. From the moment you walk in the door our friendly staff will be ready to greet you and start you on the right path to healing.

No Risk, Free Visit

“I am so confident that you will find healing and relief at our office that I am personally offering you a No-Cost Consultation. We will evaluate your condition and determine the best option to help you. It’s that simple! There are no strings attached and you have no obligation. You have nothing to lose but your pain.”